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Mark is convinced that he’s the only gay man doing comedy in the world so please be respectful and don’t tell him otherwise! Rapidly making a name for himself both online and on the UK standup circuit, he has 120k followers on TikTok and 50k on Instagram, while in the real world (!) of stand-up has won The Frog and Bucket’s Beat the Frog Competition and Backyard Comedy Club’s Comedy Knockout as well as Up the Creek’s prestigious Blackout competition three times, was runner-up from 300 entrants in the Max Turner Prize 2018, reached the final of the Leicester Square Theatre SketchOff Competition 2019 & ’20 and was a finalist in Southport New Comedian of the Year Competition 2021. Check out clips of him, follow him on social media @poofsrus or find him selling his underwear for money on Grindr. 


Mark also writes a fortnightly blog for Glue Magazine.

Mark is represented by Hannah Layton Management

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